The NW Network National Training and Technical Assistance Initiative

The NW Network has connected advocates and policymakers all over the country with learning and resources aimed at expanding and improving advocacy for LGBTQ survivors of abuse. These include tools, documentation of evidence-based practices, and national webinars.


National Webinar Series

Twice a month webinars to help you and your program improve advocacy to LGBTQ survivors.


The Information Clearinghouse on Violence & Abuse in LGBTQ Communities, an initiative with the goal to create an ever-evolving gathering space for information, articles, evidence-based research, and community-generated information on a broad-spectrum of issues relating to domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and other forms of abuse impacting LGBTQ communities.

Relationship Skills Class Curriculum

This curriculum provides folks with what they need to start and run the NW Network's seven-week relationship skills class. 

Research and Evidence: QLAB, Project EQTY, and more

The NW Network is creating an evidence base to inform our work.

The National LGBTQ Institute on Intimate Partner Violence, in partnership with the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs

The Institute engages in a wide variety of work related to improving advocacy, public policy, and research.