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The Skills We Need for the Relationships We Want: Exploring the features and evaluation findings of a domestic violence prevention program for LGBTQ communities

Webinar recording available here:

(note: audio does not generally start until about 30-40 minutes into the recording)

Developed 15 years ago by LGBTQ survivors of domestic violence, the NW Network’s Relationship Skills Class (RSC) has since grown considerably in size and scope. RSC is a domestic violence primary prevention program that centers the experiences of LGBTQ communities and teaches skills to build loving and equitable relationships. To address the growing pressure to implement “evidence-based programs,” the NW Network recently conducted a comprehensive, community-based evaluation of RSC to examine its delivery and impact on participants. This session will describe the development, curriculum, and culturally specific approach of RSC as well as key findings from the evaluation. This webinar aims to highlight one approach for preventing domestic violence that is both informed by evidence and grounded in our communities.

Presented by Edric Figueroa & Kristin Tucker, the Northwest Network & Carrie Lippy, PhD, Lippy Community Consultants, LLC